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Novell wins against SCO in final judgement

Victory for Linux and open source as judge rules in favour of Novell

According to Dell 'Ubuntu is safer than Microsoft® Windows®'

Ok, so this is something Linux users have known for years, but it's nice when you read that a huge company like Dell says it as well!

Honda U3-X Personal Mobility Prototype

Number 1 on Google

Blimey after 22 hours I'm number one on for the search:

ubuntu 10.04 ultimate

Countryside randomness

I do love living in the Countryside. Whilst on the train to work this morning, I passed through Worcester Racecourse.

Nice tart

One of the guys at work is retiring today, so he's been out and bought cakes and tarts for us all.

This is what I chose:

Is Ubuntu going grey?

Windows 7 Update forces Browser choice

So I rebooted one of my Windows 7 Ultimate test machines today, and upon login got a message that there where problems with my LAN reaching the Internet.

Going Guiless

So this week I've (with the encouragement and help of some friends!) been playing with moving away from using a Gui environment.